Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mexico City - Day of Show October 20, 2009

Another spectacular evening.  I took the opportunity to sit in the left balcony to watch the show with some friends who live in Mexico City and came to see the show.  Although I have seen the show dozens of times and never tire of it, I saw it through their eyes and was once again struck at how truly special this show is and how much it moves people.  For two hours you are transported to a world of beautiful music and it is transformative.  Your spirit is instantly lifted and you are left knowing that you have witnessed something magical.

I still managed to shoot some photos of the guest artists yesterday and today.  Here are Cristian Castro, Lucero, and Jose Jose.  Each took a moment to let the audience know how much it meant to them to be performing on that stage with Yanni and thanked him for the wonderful opportunity he gave them to record with him.

Cristian looking dapper in his tails sings "Ni La Fuerza Del Destino"...

Lucero and Yanni say Hello...

Lucero sings "Eterno Es Este Amor"

Jose Jose greets Yanni while the audience gives him a standing ovation...

El Principe

Performing "Volver a Creer"