Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guadalajara - Day of Show October 17, 2009

More great reviews!  Here are just two headlines from Guadalara:

Yanni fills the Guadalara night with magic.

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Yanni performs with all of his heart.

The second night in Guadalajara lost none of its momentum.  This was the first time Yanni has made a stop in Guadalajara and the audience was not shy about showing their appreciation.  Our Mexico fans have been some of the most passionate I've ever seen.

Hasta El Ultimo Momento


I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our Ladies of Wardrobe, Gina and Kita.  These ladies make sure everyone on stage (and offstage) looks great.  They do an amazing job and they keep everyone smiling with their sharp wit and all around fabulousness!

Gina with Leslie Mills


One of my favorite places to be backstage...

Chloe and Leslie's rolling wardrobe boxes.

After the show was quite lively backstage.  Here's Ender videotaping me taking his picture for this blog for his video diary.

And here are our promoters from Freestyle Emotional Marketing with our four vocalists.  They're a great team and have been a lot of fun to tour with.  Thank you for everything!!!

Tomorrow we fly to Mexico City!!  Auditorio Nacional here we come!!

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