Friday, October 16, 2009

Monterrey to Leon - Travel Day October 14, 2009

The reviews are in this morning and Yanni is a hit in Monterrey!  The headlines read “A Show without Egos” (El Milenio) and “An Exciting Evening” (El Norte).  Both papers gave the Yanni Voices Concert rave reviews.  Although most of the orchestra and staff couldn’t speak the language, they still flocked to the airport newsstand to pick up their copies.  Of course this was after they had all visited the Starbucks for their all too familiar lattes.  For those of you who can read Spanish or just want to look at the pictures, here is the link to the article on the web.

El Norte

El Milenio

A Familiar Sight at the Monterrey Airport

We boarded the charter plane at 2:00 pm and took off to Leon, Guanajuato.  It’s great to be on a plane where you know all of the passengers.  Here are some pics taken by Gary Westcott.

You can see the plane reflected in the windows...

Somewhere between Monterrey and Leon from the air.

We arrived an hour later and made it to the hotel in time to drop off our bags and a group of us left right away to the leather district.  The city of Leon is located in Central Mexico and boasts the largest trading area in the world for leather and shoes.  The hotel recommended a place called “Plaza de Zapatos” or “Shoe Plaza” and that’s exactly what it was, a mall of shoe stores.  Boots were on most everyone’s list and that’s exactly what they bought.  Apparently the “Plaza de Zapatos” was only the tip of the iceberg as far as leather shopping, but, unfortunately, our time was limited.

Boots anyone?

Most everyone made it an early night.  Starting tomorrow night we have three shows in a row.  One in Leon at the Poliforum Leon, then two in Guadalajara on October 16 and 17th at the Auditorio Telmex.

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