Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guadalajara to Mexico City - Travel Day October 18, 2009

We say Goodbye to our beautiful hotel in Guadalajara and head to the airport.  Cesar, Benedict, and Ender spend a few moments at the airport relaxing.  Ender is sporting a hat given to him the night before from a fan.

MEXICO CITY!!  The capital city of Mexico and one of the world's largest cities.  It's rich history stands side by side with it's modernity.  It is now the center of busines, culture and government for the country.  It was once the center of the Aztec Empire.  The Zocalo (the main plaza) is built on the same spot where Montezuma's palace (the last Aztec King before the Spanish conquest) once stood.  Many of the old mansions and public buildings in the area were built hundreds of years ago using the stones from the Aztec temples that were destroyed by the Spaniards.

(Found this pic of the Cathedral on the web, not mine)

Our hotel is in the town of Polanco, an upscale residential and commercial district known for it's great restaurants and elegant boutiques.  Believe it or not, there were two Starbucks within walking distance to the hotel!  Every morning you could find quite a few members from Team Yanni there.

The view from the hotel window...
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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